Lushwood | Ecology

As a business trading in such a vital natural resource as wood, we at Lushwood are aware of our duty and responsibility to give back into our planets ecology.

We all know how much of an impact the human race is making on the worlds delicate balance and Lushwood is proud to be doing its little bit for the environment as an eco friendly company, and we can show you why a real solid wood floor or an engineered wood floor is a sound ecological investment as well as a wise financial choice.

Lushwood only uses timber from sustainable forests

How can using real wood flooring be good for the environment?

The environmental benefits for choosing wood flooring are indisputable. Far less energy is consumed in timber production, processing and disposal than with any other construction material, and, after each harvest, the forests are replanted for the next generation.

Today, because the popularity of real wood floors has grown, so too has the commitment to cultivation. Many more trees are grown than harvested, so increased demand has had a positive effect on the environment.

Natural wood flooring encourages the planting of more trees

The more trees we use, the more we plant, because virtually all of the wood used in our floors is sourced from managed forests. Harvesting creates space for new growth- and this often happens at a rate of two trees planted for everyone felled.

Natural wood flooring is completely recyclable

Wood is completely recyclable; in fact, it can be used in three different stages. Firstly, it is used to create a product. Secondly, the product it self can be recycled, and thirdly, it can be used for energy generation. No other material can equal this, in terms of volume and economy.

Natural wood flooring replaces carbon hungry alternatives

Not only is the production and the processing of wood highly energy efficient, giving wood products an ultra low carbon foot print, but wood can often be used to substitute materials like steel, aluminium, concrete or plastics, which require a higher amount of energy during production.

Natural wood flooring reduces greenhouse gases

The "carbon sink" effect of wood products has significant role to play in reducing greenhouse gases. Increasing the use of wood products still further will continue to reduce the negative effect in the atmosphere. The clever bit is that because our wood is not burnt but will remain in its form of flooring for many years to come we have succeeded in locking away the absorbed carbon away from the atmosphere.